Chun Yao is a visual artist from Taiwan who landed in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2020. Formerly lens-based, at present land-based, he works with moving images and re-builds narratives to rethink how human eyes might see through the flattened image of the landscape that arose in the post-industrial era. In Chun-Yao's view, the land is controlled by the people who own it, and “the landscape”, as a singular understanding of that land, has collectively been formed by modern humans during the Anthropocene. This, in turn, has domesticated the way civilized humans see the landscape.
With his background in photojournalism, Chun-Yao investigates sites that are being developed or under construction, and questions the positivist way we see this highly constructed landscape. He restructures lens-based materials such as photographs, moving images, and historical archival material, and tries to build a new aesthetic and imaginary landscape by bringing to light the personal stories, histories, and memories that are rooted in a specific locality.
Chun Yao's work has been shown at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan (2019); and in 2018, his work I’m going home (2018) was collected by the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Hokuto, Japan.
Master of Fine Art, University of the arts Utrecht- The Netherlands 2022 

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 2021 Dictionaries and Aporias Workshop – Salzburg, Austria 2021
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication,Tamkang University – New Taipei, Taiwan 2014

2022 Civility vs Violence: Education, Art and Community as a Way to Embrace Nonviolence,Miami New Media Festival in samenwerking met atelierWG, Arts Connection Foundation, PuntWG, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2022 Scaffoldiing Scaffolding, basis voor actuele 2022 kunst , Utrecht , Netherlands
2021 The Ultimateland, ExBunker, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2021 Virtual Empathy, AG gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2019 2019 National Art Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2018 Battlefield, Tamkang University, Taiwan
2018「YOUNG PORTFOLIO ACQUISITIONS」, Kiyosato museum of photographic arts, Japan
2017  American Illusion, Tamkang University, Taiwan

2019.11-   "Central News Agency“ Photojournalist
2016.9-2019.09  "Mirror media" Photojournalist
2016.1-2016.9  "The journalist magazine" Photojournalist
2017 Young Portfolio Collection,K*mopa, Japan
2017 Honorable Mention ,IPA 

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