I am a visual artist who has shifted from lens-based to land-based practices, working with moving images and reconstructed narratives to explore undefined spaces that escape the present linear context. My projects examine the processes of land development in the post-industrial age, using a combination of moving images, text, archival materials, and "spatial" movements. I create mythological undercurrents by collecting visual materials from different moments in linear time.

I challenge the notion that the landscape is controlled and the way of seeing is domesticated. With a background in photojournalism, I am experienced in constructing visual narratives for people's observation and initiating debates and discussions. My visual work interrogates the aesthetic of the "temporary" period and proposes new definitions for land perspectives on our planet.

Pixelation of ephemeral material is the process of engaging with audiences, not as a framer of visual confirmation, but as a co-creator of meaning. My body often participates and performs in the frame as a key to provoke the relationship between the owner and the way of seeing in different social contexts, while acknowledging the complexity and limitation of the land.

Currently, my research and practice focus on the wasteland and the treasured archive that are threatened by development projects.​​​​​​​