Whilst landowners, from government, and companies to individuals, maintain the appearance of a city decade after decade, those that do not own land have little to no say in the matter. The performance Last Last Chance explores the notion of what we consider or define as a “landscape”, focussing particularly on the question of ownership and power. 
Artist Lin Chun Yao invites you to join him on a walk to “Smakkelaarsveld”, a construction site located right next to the historical center of Utrecht. For many years, the site was used to store building materials and as a parking space for bicycles. It is now being developed into a brand-new accommodation. 
The participants in Last Last Chance will walk to, and enter the construction site, which is normally closed to the public, “retouching” it with their mere presence. With the use of a greenscreen–a device used in the movie industry to allow a separately filmed background to be added to the final image–Chun Yao opens up a metaphorical space for the audience to project alternative realities onto the construction site, taking the “landscaping” of the city of Utrecht back into their own hands, even if only in their imagination.
Walking performance, 30min, Smakkelaarsveld , Utrecht 2022