With walking and collectively observing, the workshop "A Walk to the Paradise" will invite people who join the Not just Fair together to the field nearby in the local community in Arhem.
The workshop will let our eyes breath again with the piece of land, the space of opportunity to unlearn the word "landscape", and to redefine our own way of seeing the word "landscape". 
Through common aesthetics, landscapes can help us communicate with nature and others. Would it be possible to borrow the piece of land so that we can escape?​​​​​​​
Walking to the Paradise as a collective workshop, we individually own the piece of unknown (e)scape, and freely choose to combine them in present, melting from the shoulder into the scene, with eyes confirmation through this fragile information through walking and listening, the chance allows us to have this moment with the landscape, in this frame
Workshop,Performace, 30min, Framer Framed,  Amsterdam